Birra Bertona production system

Our 10 hl production system utilizes as a source of energy the steam obtained with gas boilers, with a saving of energy; this is both positive for the costs of production and the low CO2 emission


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Our partner

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We like good beer, and we like it to be brewed professionally and with passion and dedication. Our main partner and consultant, well known and appreciated both in Italy and abroad, is the company Soci’s, supplier of all the equipment and ingredients; 

Soci’s has been supplying brewing systems for several years, and is able to connect the craft brewing tradition with the technical and productive innovation.
Paolo De Martin, who is our consultant in these first phases of our activity, characterized by German accuracy and Italian creativity,  shares with us his know-how, based on a deep knowledge of tradition and a true passion for brewing.



Birra Bertona Craft Brewery
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