We are Dante, Simone and Nicola, and first of all we are friends. Our company, Cooperese, was founded in 2010, but Birrabertona officially saw the light in October 2015 as a real brewery. We haven’t always been brewers: we are an architect, an engineer and a specialized steel industry worker who decided to turn their passion into a profession and, with a hard work and study and lots of sacrifices, finally reached their purpose.

Beer in the garage

IMG garage

We’ve been home brewing for several years, at first in our kitchen, with our kitchen tools, then in a garage where (with a poor technique but a lot of creativity!) we built a 30 lt and then a 120 lt self made home brewing system.



Birra Bertona Craft Brewery
Contrada Campo delle Piane snc
65010 Montebello di Bertona PE
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