The place where Birra Bertona is situated

Our Brewery is situated in C.da Colasante, in the countryside, and it is easily reachable both from Chieti and Pescara, and also from the bordering towns line Penne, Farindola, Villa Celiera. We are close to the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga Park, and just a couple of steps away from the WWF Regional Oasis of the Lake of Penne.

In these areas the protection of wildlife and environment is strictly connected to the promotion of the craft products of our territory. The landscape behind us is the so called “Sleeping Beauty”, an expression by which we mean the profiles of two Gran Sasso massif mountains (Corno Grande and Mount Camicia) shaping, from our point of view, some kind of sleeping lady figure. This is the picture we have adopted to sponsor our beer, because we have consciously chosen this  place to produce our beer, with the intention to indissolubly tie ourself to our territory.


Montebello di Bertona

IMG location

Where the sky and the hills touch, there is situated Montebello di Bertona, 1000 inhabitants, an old town whose origins trace back to the Romans and whose wide territory falls partly inside the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. It’s the typical Abruzzo town lying on smooth hills between the Adriatic sea and the mountain we all love, the plain of Campo imperatore.


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