Special Amber beer of high fermentation. Re-fermented in the bottle.

Beer from red copper color and a medium to full body, it shows the aromatic profiles of slightly roasted malt, bitter little obvious and not too hoppy, with a clear malt aroma. Hopping contrasts and balances the taste of the roasted malt, the result is a beer with a discreet alcohol content but by good drinkability.

And 'excellent in combination with main courses of meat and cold cuts and long and medium-aged cheeses.

The Beer BEeRTONA "red" is pimp and piaciona at the right point, or "maulona" as our dialect teaches us, you leave amiably enjoyed at the table, but also will capture your meals.

Maulona feature

Color: EBC 15
IBU: 27
Alcohol:  6,2° vol
Plato: 14,2 °
Serve at: 8/10°C      
Serving glass: Pint or Tulip


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