come servire una birra artigianale

How to serve a craft beer

Not everyone knows what’s the best way to taste a craft beer: the temptation could be to pour into a glass, and drink it all the way down to satisfy our thirst… each craft beer is different and peculiar,

so we wish to give you some brief suggestion to taste it at its best; the main feature is temperature: an iced beer could lose its aromas and perfumes and the cold anesthetizes our tongue. The more a beer is strong and alcoholic, the lower must the serving temperature be. We suggest:
-    Pils, lager, hell, blanche and Weiss beers should be served between 5° and 9° C.
-    Fruity beers like Kriek and Frambioses between 7° and 9°C
-    Bitter Ale and Brown Ale 8°/10°C
-    Stout  10°C, Cle Strong Ale and Dopplebock 11°, Scotch Ale 12°, Abbazia and Barley Wine 13°;
If the temperature is not correct, you can realize it from the foam, which is poor when beer is too cold and excessive when it is too warm.
There are two ways to pour beer into your glass:
1.    Keep the glass at 45 degrees and pour ¾ of the beer, wait a minute and add the rest of the beer;
2.    Keep the glass vertically and follow the natural formation of the foam.
Foam is fundamental: it allows you to control the quality of your beer, helps to disperse CO2 and protects your beer from bacterias in the air
Generally, each type of beer has its own characteristic glass, but normally a regular stem glass is considered as universally valid.
Please notice at last that craft beer, being non filtered and non pastorised, is characterized by an amber not perfectly transparent color, due to the yeasts (symptom of quality of the product), of whom you can see the rest on the bottom of the bottle. It must be considered that the more you move the bottle, the more the yeast will mix again with the liquid part and dissolve. By putting the bottle standing on a table, you will see the yeast deposit on the bottom again.


A beer made with the heart

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