The Brewing Process

Beer and food

In the last years it’s been a trend to find the right match between food and beer. The variety of styles and tastes makes sure that craft beer can easily go with any type of food. There is no codified rule, although generally we know that barbecue meat goes well with

a strong barley taste beer, while hot and spicy meals require beers with a pronounced hop flavor.
Let’s remember that:
-    Smoked malts, alcohol degree, percentage of CO2 and the bitter taste coming from the hop balance the presence of fats, richness of savor and sweetness.
-    The sweetness of barley  contrasts with spicy and acid taste.
-    The bitter of the hop enhances the spiciness

A beer made with the heart

IMG cuore

We like good beer, and we like to brew it with passion, accuracy and competence.


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